The Ventulus Series

Aerosol Containment systems designed

to mitigate the health and safety risks

of healthcare

The Ventulus Series

Specifically, the Aerosol Containment system is an extraoral local extractor (ELE) designed to pull air out of the room faster than new, fresh air can replace it. This creates a negative pressure within the room, exponentially increasing the air turnover rate. This means that any contaminated air (including the aerosolized cloud commonly found in dentistry) is removed from the room at a high rate.

The specific design of the system houses the fan portion of the unit on the outside of the building, either on the roof or side. This allows for most of the noise produced by the system to be outside of the operatory, resulting in near undetectable decibel levels. Furthermore, as the system expels the removed air into the atmosphere, it does not rely on filters of any kind. This sustainable, set and forget model also saves money and resources in the long run. Each Ventulus model is capable of reaching up to 300 CFM in every operatory it’s installed making it the dental industry‘s most powerful Aerosol Containment system.

Hood Customization:

The Ventulus systems allow for two choices of hoods

Hood Customization:

The Ventulus systems allow for two choices of hoods

Square Hood
Circular Hood

The Ventulus Includes

  • Extraction Arm
  • Fan Unit
  • Variable Setting:
    1. Clean Room
    2. Procedure
    3. Off


Additional features of the Ventulus series of systems

Fan on Building Exterior

Most of the system’s noise is outside of the building, resulting in nearly undetectable decibel levels

No Filters Required

The Ventulus keeps sustainability in mind with its “set and forget” system design

High Air Turnover Rate

By pulling air out of the room faster than fresh air can replace it, the Ventulus fully change over an operatory in as little as five minutes


Ceiling or Wall Install

The design requires venting access to either the roof or the side of the building. Items are either shipped directly to the chosen installation team or drop-shipped to the chosen location.



Every purchase requires pictures and measurements of the room(s) the system will be installed in for an individualized engineered drawing for your chosen HVAC installation team.



Installation through our preferred HVAC and Electrical teams will insure the system with an extended warranty.